Painting Classes near Miami

Eva Roffe began teaching in 1996, focusing primarily on traditional "Old Masters" techniques in oil painting/drawing. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and interacting with students of all ages. She is constantly working on perfecting her skills as a teacher. Her mastery and skill is visible in her works and that of Studio Atelier students.

Born in post war Poland to holocaust survivors, she and her family immigrated to Israel before eventually ending up in USA. Her work has been displayed at The Hortt Exhibitions in the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, and Schacknow Museum of Art, etc.

Chaos, contradiction, and confusion have always been part of her personal journey. Living at both the end and beginning of a millennium, in times of rapid change where everything is questioned has only intensified her feelings of loneliness and uncertainty. That may be the reason that she longs for harmony, beauty, peace and is drawn towards anything that she feels brings her closer to that state. She wants her paintings to be charged with visual, intellectual, spiritual and emotional beauty.

Studio Atelier’s visual art education is based on traditional methods of training that began in the Workshops of the Italian Renaissance and have been practiced by Master Artists for centuries.

The importance of reviving the learning techniques from the great masters and of its great practical benefits to the student can’t be overemphasized.  Only by embracing the past can progress be made.

Studio Atelier is offering practical knowledge in visual arts studies by teaching proved and sound methods and skills in drawing and painting that were passed down from generation to generation for centuries and emphasizing importance of discipline and hard work. Unfortunately, these techniques are not taught in most present-day art institutions.

Based on 24 years of experience teaching the “Old Masters” techniques, combined with the awareness of today’s busy personal schedules, Studio Atelier instructor Eva Roffe has streamlined the learning process by focusing on the fastest and most efficient methods for students to achieve professional level in painting/drawing in a relatively short amount of time. This results in less of a monetary investment as well.